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10 Reasons Why You Should Study In The UK

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students from around the world choose to study in the UK, and they all have the same question: Why should I study in the UK? This article will answer that question with 10 reasons why you should study in the UK. I hope that after reading this article, you’ll feel motivated to pursue your academic dreams and earn your degree in one of the best education systems in the world!


1) Education Is Cheaper Than Anywhere Else

Not only is studying in Britain much cheaper than studying almost anywhere else in Europe, it’s also far less expensive than going to college in America. Students who study in Britain are allowed to work 20 hours a week, which means they can save money that might otherwise be used for tuition or living expenses.

Money saved during school can often mean having an extra year to graduate, which means you won’t be saddled with student loans for as long of a period of time. If you’re studying something practical like nursing or teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), a few years of experience in Britain can go a long way toward landing your first job after graduation and becoming more attractive to potential employers around the world.



2) The Country Have English as their Main Language

This is a big reason why English speakers study in English-speaking countries. They know they will be able to get by on their own because everything will be written and spoken in English. This isn’t true for many other countries that have foreign languages as their primary dialect. Choosing a country where you can interact with locals and others who speak your language will make it much easier to adapt to a new environment when you study abroad.


3) There Are So Many World-Class Universities

There are more than 100 world-class universities in Britain and many of them, especially Oxford and Cambridge, attract students from all over. If you’re looking to study in a place that offers a truly global experience, then Britain should be high on your list.

Not only will you be studying at one of the top universities in Europe but you’ll also have access to an education system that prepares its students for success both inside and outside of academia. And when it comes time to look for work after graduation, there are hundreds of multinational companies headquartered in London alone—including Google, Facebook, HSBC, Shell Oil Company and Burberry—so finding a job would not be difficult.


4) Travel is Easy

If you’re coming from another country and aren’t familiar with London, it can be a little daunting to travel around. That said, travel in London is very easy and there are a lot of ways to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

For example, if you’re studying at an internationally recognized institution like University College London (UCL), you may even be eligible for a concessionary Oyster card that will let you use public transport for free during your studies. If you’re not studying at UCL but still want to take advantage of these benefits, then simply apply for a student Oyster card by providing proof of enrollment. As long as you study full-time on campus or online with an accredited school or university, you should be able to get one!



5) Students Get To Experience Life in a New Culture

Study abroad is a fantastic way to become immersed in a new culture, see and understand other perspectives, and develop professionally as well as personally. One of the biggest fears that students have about studying abroad is that they won’t be able to fit in with everyone else;

However, studies show that students who study abroad are likely to return to their countries more confident than their peers—not only because they have developed their professional abilities but also because they have learned how to deal with new people and challenges. Studying in another country gives you an opportunity you wouldn’t get at home.


6) Transport Is Convenient, Cheap and Reliable

Transport in London is incredibly convenient, making it easy to get from place to place without a car. Not only is travel relatively cheap, but you can use public transport day and night. Whether you want to take a train or ride on a double-decker bus, your money will go further here than at home.

Plus, with affordable taxis and ubers – which are ordered through an app – you don’t have to worry about drinking too much and being unable to get home. Overall, transport in London makes it easy for students from all over Europe to come study abroad in England without having any concerns about getting around.


7) The UK Has Some of the Best Museums in the World

With big-ticket items like Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge and St. Paul’s Cathedral, it’s hard to dispute that London is one of most culturally significant cities in history. But it’s not just London that makes England a great place to study abroad; major museums like Tate Modern and Edinburgh Castle offer thought-provoking exhibits on everything from art to politics. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s a museum for it!



8) You Can Easily Find Internships, Jobs or Part-Time Work While Study in the UK

The UK is one of very few countries in Europe that welcomes foreign students and is making more accommodations for them every year. This means that you’ll have much easier access to work while you study in the UK. And if you’re a native English speaker, there are even more opportunities. Teaching English online or in a school or college are among your best bets; they will allow you to earn money while learning at one of the best universities in Europe!

Studying in the UK gives you global career opportunities: While studying abroad may seem like an investment just for your personal development, it can also be an investment towards future employment. Many employers seek out candidates with international experience and often value their intercultural skills. Study abroad programs can be found across many majors (business, engineering, sciences), so study where it makes sense!


9) London – One of the Greatest Cities in the World

The capital city of England and of Great Britain, London is one of the largest cities in Europe with around 8.2 million inhabitants (24 million people in its metropolitan area). It is a global center for arts, culture, fashion, finance, international trade and diplomacy.

And yes – it’s also a great place to learn English! While London doesn’t have quite as many foreign students as other international cities like Beijing or Paris do, it remains one of most popular study abroad destinations in Europe. For example, almost 40 percent of all Chinese students studying abroad chose to study in London. This means that you will find plenty of other students from different countries in class with you so you won’t be alone!


10) Last But Not Least…the British Accent!

What is it about British accents that makes them sound so great? Even people who can’t tell a lorry from a lozenge (British slang for candy) would have to agree that some accents just sound better than others. There’s just something about American, Indian, German and Swedish voices, though – thanks to Hollywood movies – those are usually what come to mind when we think of an accent. But have you ever considered studying abroad in the United Kingdom?




While there are many reasons you might be considering to study in the UK, these are just a few that we believe can help you make your decision. When it comes to student finance, education and career prospects, studying in a foreign country like UK opens up endless opportunities for you.

There is no doubt that every year thousands of students from around the world flock to study at universities across Britain which should tell you something about its quality education system. And once you’ve completed your studies, there is a high chance of being hired by a big company based in England or even one of those educational institutions itself.

So if English is not one of your mother tongues and what drew your attention was all these fun things England has to offer: music, comedy clubs and festivals then perhaps consider it!



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